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Hole by hole

Miguel Ángel Jiménez Golf Academy

Hole 1

The first hole is short but with a complex green and out of bounds behind. The escapes on both sides will let you recover well.

Hole 2

This beautiful golf hole is defended by a central water hazard and a bunker and, as always in our course, a very busy green.

Hole 3

The second longest hole in the course has the practice driving range on the right and water hazard is still attached to the green on the left.

Hole 4

Water, water and more water! Intermediate shot that has to be very accurate if you do not want to ‘get wet’. Green up and moved with a small bunker.

Hole 5

As in many occasions, green on high and with water in front of the hole. 104 meters of a good shot will make you come out with a good result.

Hole 6

The shortest hole in the course is not always the easiest. Green totally up and receiving uphill. Beware of the escape ahead.

Hole 7

My favorite hole I’ve called ‘Angustias’ in honor of the 12th hole of the Augusta Master. If you’ve always wanted to play it, come and try it!

Hole 8

This hole is beautiful since you come from above and you can see the whole of our course! Beware of the out of bounds of the right!

Hole 9

We arrived at the end of the course with a peculiar green very moved and complicated escapes. You have to finish with a big shot.