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Technology room

Miguel Ángel Jiménez Golf Academy


Miguel Angel Jimenez Golf Academy Technology Room

Our team of professionals will help you achieve your desired golf swing in our technology room where, thanks to our precision tools, we will achieve the established goal.

Swing Analysis

We conduct private and personal sessions with a certified fitter who will analyze your swing to improve the performance of your game in different situations, defining possible improvements. Our professionals will guide you to perfect the golf swing that best suits your needs, creating a natural swing.


The Miguel Angel Jimenez Golf Academy technology room offers unique services that until now have only been available to professional players. Determining the right equipment for each player is essential to improve your score on the course.


Our analysis and improvement system is used by the players of the circuit for their daily training and to improve their results. This system will help you improve yourself by analyzing the impact and flight of the ball, either by determining your strengths or areas for improvement.



We perform an analysis to improve your golf swing with the best technology.


We carry out a study of the perfect clubs for your game.


We make an analysis of your position and ergonomics of your game.

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