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Golf School for Adults

Miguel Ángel Jiménez Golf Academy

Miguel Ángel Jiménez Golf Academy

Registration Opening for next course – AUGUST 2024


In the beginners’ courses, we will learn the basics of golf, such as grip, alignment, placement. Essential aspects for a good swing.
In addition we will learn different types of shots such as the approach, the chip, the putt. Where you will see the different types of placement in each of them and the importance.
We will learn the rules of basic etiquette to be able to play and different aspects that can help us when it comes to being in the course.


In the intermediate courses we will take a step further in the training of the student, we will add the long game and other types of short shots.
We will go out to the course and we will see what the basic rules and essential basics of golf are like. We will learn to respect the times in the course and to use the different rules of cordiality and companionship with the other players on the golf course.
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The advanced courses are aimed at those students who want to take a step further in their training, such as different types of strokes, different placements and how to make effects.
We will analyze the putt and its different aspects. The short game and the reactions of the ball as it is done.
We will expand the knowledge of more complicated rules.
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3-Months Course

1 hour per week


  • Registered at Torremolinos: -15%​


1 hour per week


  • Registered at Torremolinos: -15%